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What is network security? How does it protect you? How does network security work? What are the business benefits of network security?

You may think you know the answers to basic questions like this. 

In this article collection you could find explained that network security refers to any activities designed to protect your network. Or answers to what Is Network Security and How Does It Protect You? Or what are the threats to my network?


Self-taught hackers rule

High-Tech Bridge CEO: Better cybersecurity depends on better white-hat hackers and on governments worldwide upping the consequences for flouting rigorous security standards Ilia Kolochenko, CEO of High-Tech Bridge, a Swiss information security... Read More...
Is metadata collected by the government a threat to your privacy?

Seemingly unobtrusive digital bytes known as metadata have been vaulted to the tech media limelight. What is metadata, and why all of a sudden is it so interesting to so many?  I must confess; I normally pay little attention to metadata. But when... Read More...
Has your email been “hacked?”

I got two suspicious messages today.  They were identical, and supposedly “From” two members of my extended family, and to my most often used account, rather than the one I use as a spam trap.  I’ve had some others recently, and thought it a... Read More...
Essential networking tips for small business

Stay connected and productive with dual-band routers, personal cloud storage, and more.     Check out the tips below for ways to upgrade your network and storage, and take your productivity to the next level.   Embrace the flexibility of wireless... Read More...
Search-engine bias affects our perception of what online information is available, is that a good thing or not? Are there risks?

A few years ago, a company decided to stop the brick and mortar portion of the business, relying completely on their professionally-revamped, search-engine optimized customer portal. Things were going famously, then new-customer sales began dropping... Read More...
How facial recognition software can track you in the offline world

Most people are now fully aware of how much tracking is going on when you go online, and how easy it is for companies and governments to know where you go, what you do there, and who you talk to. But meanwhile, another piece of technology has slowly... Read More...
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